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SKIN REJUVENATION with Biorecherche Labs

« Time’s marks are not eternal anymore»

Beyond the simple aging denial, science has always sought to help both individuals as well as body parts, such as cells or skin, to rejuvenate. The most visible organ, the skin, is a good indicator of one’s biological age, and the reason why so many pharmaceutical and cosmetics laboratories are focusing their research and their promises on products that allow anyone and everyone to look young again.

As a result, the research in that field have never been closer to succeeding, until very recently where scientists have managed to rejuvenate adult cells by reprogramming them and making them return to their first state,thus literally reversing the course of time.
The rejuvenation concept, which has always been considered until now as utopian, is now becoming a real possibility.It is therefore possible to dream of a not so distant future, when genetic molecules will enable not only whole organisms to rejuvenate, but also organs such as the skin.
However, until such a time when the results of these discoveries might possibly be used to rejuvenate a particular organ (liver, heart, kidney, etc.), Bio-research Laboratories’ pharmacists, specialized for over 20 years in the research of Anti-Aging, Anti Wrinkles and Healing treatments, have developed two specialized and synergistic treatments: OXYPROLANE and NEOSELEN.
The former is designed to fight premature Cellular Aging;the latter to protect young skin and even restore its youthful aspect by fighting wrinkles through stimulating the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid; the latter to fight permature Cellular Aging.
We are very proud to invite you to read further on the exceptional properties of these two products in the following pages.


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